Are You Feeling Stuck?

Do you want more success in relationships, career, money or health? Well, of course, you do. We are here to help with our unique Healthy Homes for Success Service. 

Five-Step Programme

In our five-step programme, we will declutter, organise and deep clean your home, purify the air and position your furniture using Feng-Shui to activate your home for success.

And then finally clear any stagnant energy with our energy clearing ritual. We will leave you and your home in tip-top shape to invite new positive energy for success in all areas of your life.


We understand it’s sometimes tough to get rid of your beloved belongings, but the things we hold on to keep us from moving forward and block success from coming in.

  • We will declutter room-by-room sorting your goodies into four sections. Keep | Sell-Sell-Sell | Good Deed Donate| Oh This is Trash
  • Once we have sorted all your stuff into tidy little piles, we can start organising the things you need and find the perfect home for everything.
  • Oh, This Is Trash: Rubbish can either be disposed of through your usual method or if there is a large amount accumulated, we can assist you with arranging suitable disposal.
  • Good Deed Donate: We can arrange the donation of your goods to local charities. In addition, we support the local homeless charity One Love Soup Kitchen Southend, so any suitable goods we will donate to them as a priority.
  • SELL-SELL-SELL: Want to earn some money back on your unwanted stuff? We can sell your unwanted goods for you on auction sites such as eBay and Preloved, which will give you some extra cash to treat yourself to something beautiful.
  • We don’t charge an upfront fee for this service; we take an agreed percentage of the sale of your goods, and we will take care of the listings, postage, and packaging and liaise with customers while you sit back and relax.

Step 2: Deep Clean

  • Our team will thoroughly clean every nook and cranny!
  • Including Woodwork, walls, doors, furnishings & accessories, fixture & fittings, floors, surfaces, inside cupboards, wardrobes, storage units. And anything else that we find.
  • Cleaning cupboard detox – We will assess your current cleaning products and advise on healthy non-toxic alternatives.

Step 3: Air Pollution

So, we know a thing or two about indoor air quality; this is our opportunity to pass on what we know to help improve the quality of the air in your home.

Cleaning products are incredibly toxic and release volatile organic compounds into the air and can cause health problems.

We will come along and disrupt your cleaning cupboard, remove all those nasty chemicals and replace them with excellent eco-friendly and non-toxic alternatives.

Did you know some plants purify the air? Just ask NASA as they used them to remove toxins from a bio home experiment.

We want your air to be clean and toxin-free, so we will give you a list of the top plants that purify the air, and we will even tell you where to buy them, Simple!

Air purifiers are fantastic, especially if you have any allergy & asthma sufferers in the home. We will give you advice on the best air purifiers to buy. Along with what essential oils you can use to cleanse the air.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the most significant impact, and we will give you some great ventilation tips.

Step 4: Feng Shui

  • We will position the furniture in your home to active the areas in your life that need enhancing.
  • Mirrors, mirrors everywhere! Some mirrors in your home could be negatively impacting your success. We will put these in positions of power to activate success.
  • Colour can enhance your life – by adding specific colours and removing others, and we can help bring your home into harmony.
  • Sharp edges, no one wants these pointing at them so we can reposition furnishings and plants that have an adverse effect and block success.
  • Let the light shine in! Both natural and artificial light can have many health benefits; we will assess the light in your home and advise on changes.
  • The aroma in our home can have an uplifting effect on our moods. We will advise on essential oils to create different environments in your home.
  • Oh, those appliances, we have so many in the home, but they generate (EMF) electromagnetic fields that can affect our body’s ebb and flow. We will give you some handy tips on protecting yourself from these adverse effects of EMFs.

Step 5: Energy Clearing

  • And for the grand finale, Drum roll, please.
  • We will cleanse your home by burning sage and setting positive intentions for happiness and success.
  • Crystals are great for enhancing different types of energy in the home.
  • Now you can sit back and relax in your perfectly aligned home awaiting success to enter your life.