As a holistic interior designer, the intention is to design a home that is in touch with nature and designed beautifully – to create a harmonious home that enhances the health and wellbeing of the occupants.

The elements to this approach are as follows: Eliminating air pollution, using sustainable (green) materials, incorporating biophilic design, eliminating allergy-causing materials, conserving energy, designing well thought out spaces (interior design), enhancing mind, body and soul with feng shui and health & wellbeing.


holistic interior design

eight elements

1. Air Pollution

Eliminate air pollution by reducing the build-up of toxins emitted from furnishings, negative ions, electromagnetic smog, and pollutants from electrical equipment and cooking, heating, and cooling the home.

2. Sustainable Materials

Use sustainable materials free of toxins and chemicals that are ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and have a low environmental impact.

3. Biophilic Design

Use biophilic design to bring elements of nature into the home – by maximising views, natural light and fresh air to enhance health and well-being.

4. Allergy

Reduce allergy symptoms by eradicating mould, dust mites, pet dander and pesticides. Use toxin-free decorating and cleaning materials and natural allergy free furnishings.

5. Conserve Energy

Conserve energy by minimising water and energy consumption, using recycled materials and properly managing waste.

6. Interior Design

Use the principles of interior design to improve the layout and maximise existing space. Use colour to boost happiness and well-being and beautify the home using natural materials and furnishings.

7. Feng Shui

Enhance mind, body and soul by uniting the essential elements of feng shui – colour, sound, aroma and energy to strengthen the vibration of the home.

8. Health & Wellbeing

Wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and meditation helps balance the mind, body and soul. Also, eating healthy foods, getting the right vitamins and getting plenty of sleep to enhance health & well-being.

Online Interior Design Service 

Are you looking for a personalised online interior design service from fully qualified professional interior designers with over 20 years of industry experience?

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Free Consultation

We pride ourselves on offering a one-to-one personal service that is tailor-made just for you.

We start the process with a free consultation, which entails a 30-minute chat by phone or zoom.

During the consultation, we will discuss all your requirements for your project whilst getting to know all about you.

Then after the talk, we will email you with the design fee. Once this is agreed upon, we can start work on your interior design scheme.