Holistic Lounge Design

Interior Design Inspiration

Living rooms are the hub of our homes and getting the design right for all the family isn’t always easy. Also, it becomes more challenging when you are looking for sustainable and ethical alternatives. For this reason, we created a collection of holistic interior design schemes that aim to bring inspiration and assist you in designing a healthy home.

loung interior design inspiration

Holistic Lounge Design

Shopping List 

Please find links below for the furnishing shown in the holistic lounge design.

1. Floor Lamp

I love this feather floor lamp by curious egg; it has a sophisticated charm yet a quirky edge and would create a great talking point. The feathers are from responsible sources, and the frames are made from steel with a gold coating. 

2. Wallpaper

This stunning wallpaper by Finnish company Feathr transcends not only visual beauty, but its hidden meaning is even more encapsulating. The arms symbolise different lovers the main character may have within her lifetime, from friends to partners catching her as she falls through time. Now, who wouldn’t want this wallpaper adorning their walls? 

The wallpaper is digitally printed with environmentally friendly inks (UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified). And all fibres are from sustainably managed forests. Free of glass fibres and PVC. 

3. Walls & Woodwork Paint 

Adorn your walls and woodwork with this subtle colour aloe grey by Dulux that has an undertone of blue for a sophisticated and contemporary feel. 

Different brands of paint have varying levels of toxins that are emitted both while painting and after, it is essential to use paints that have low VOC content which is healthier for your home and indoor air quality. When I find a colour I partially like I use Valspar which you can get mixed at B&Q. As this range has one of the lowest VOC ratings for a high street brand and what’s more it won’t break the bank and its good quality paint. 

Colour Therapy: Blue

Blue is the colour of peace and tranquillity; it slows our metabolism down, helping us to feel calm and at ease. Furthermore, blue is Mother Nature’s tonic, blue skies and the sea have a tremendous calming effect. Thus, blue is an excellent colour for the living room.



  • Peaceful
  • Calm
  • Restful
  • Reduces Stress

4. Flooring 

This stylish rich ebony wood effect porcelain tile looks like the real thing. It is a green alternative from the get-go and with even more great benefits: porcelain is moisture resistant and can take enormous amounts of wear and tear, so, in theory, means this flooring could last you a lifetime, so, you better make sure you love it! 

5. Glass Side Table 

Add architectural lines to your design with this geometric smoked glass side table, I love the smoked colour of this glass it adds that little bit of extra depth to the scheme. 

6. Organic Aromatherapy Candle: Calming  

I am all about aroma, but it has to be natural such as an organic candle or essential oil room spray or even a lovely bunch of flowers. Essential oils are great as not only do they make your home smell beautiful, you can buy specific blends that can, for example, make you feel calmer or more energised. I had the calming blend the other day and wondered why I felt so sleepy, and they really work, so make sure to use the right combination for the mood you want to create. This candle is calmingso pop it on in the evening while watching a movie and ‘relax’. 

7. Sofa 

This sofa has a mid-century feel to it with clean straight lines and deep buttons. I am completely in love with the peacock blue velvet; while not the most eco-friendly fabric, this sofa has other equally important factors, such as it is hand-made here in Brittan and built to last with a fifteen-year guarantee. 

8. Ceiling Pendant 

From the same collection as the feather floor lampI loved the light so much that I just had to put some more of the glamourous feathers on the ceiling.  

9. Planter Stand  

I don’t know about you, but plant pots & planters drive me nuts because I am always incorporating plants into my designs; I find it increasingly difficult to find something that fits the scheme.  This planter is sleek and sophisticated and is a perfect fit for the snake plant.

10. Snake Plant 

Indoor plants clean the air and help reduce the effects of exposure to indoor pollution. Plants absorb Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Such as formaldehyde which is found in many household products such as paint and cleaning materials. Also, plants remove toxins and neutralise dust, mould spores and allergens they help to keep the air fresh and make the environment feel uplifted. The snake plant produces oxygen and removes carbon monoxide at night, and this plant scores high on bug resistance and ease to grow, making this a great starter plant.

11. Pastoral Rug 

What home doesn’t deserve this unique and quirky rug? I have wanted this rug for the longest time, but I have not yet found a home for it. This pastoral rug is made from fabric backed rubbed and digitally printed in England and is machine washable which extends the life-cycle of this rug considerably.

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