So the hard stuff is out the way, such as planning and construction work, but, like many people, you may have forgotten about the interior design scheme.

Yes, it is fundamental to get the planning and construction stages right. But, often, the finishing touches are overlooked, and without careful consideration, the design may not come together as you may have imagined.

A classic scenario is that the decorator is coming in a week, and you have no clue about the colour scheme. Let alone adding excitement to the design with textures, wallcoverings or art installations.

Therefore, you become overwhelmed by the mammoth task at hand; and you don’t know where to start. But, interior design isn’t your day job, so how are you supposed to understand the more delicate intricacies that bring a design to life. 

The space within becomes the reality of the building.

– Frank Lloyd Wright 


Interior design advice - help is here

Help is here!

We understand that our clients need professional advice. We offer interior design advice for any problems you may be facing. Such as colour coordinating, adding features, lighting, flooring, furniture, soft furnishings or artwork.

Our advice is available to you by phone, video chat or email; there is no problem too big or small. 

After our consultation, we will email you with an outline of what we have discussed, along with all product information. The product information will include product codes, references, links to purchase your goods and prices.

We endeavour to find the best deals on the market, so everything we source for you will be competitively priced. Furthermore, we don’t work with select suppliers, so all products we source will be specific to your design brief.