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Living rooms are the hub of our homes, and getting the design right for all the family isn’t always easy. Also, it becomes more challenging when you are looking for sustainable and ethical alternatives. For this reason, we created a collection of holistic interior design schemes that aim to bring inspiration and assist you in designing a healthy home.

living room interior design inspiration

Holistic Living Room 

Shopping List

Please find links below for the furnishing shown in the holistic living room interior design. 

1. Wallpaper

I love this Anthology wallpaper that is made from cork! You really need to see this wallpaper to truly appreciate the depth of colour and tactile feeling of the soft cork. This wallpaper has a cool geometric pattern finished in shades of blue, grey, copper and terracotta. Cork is one of the most sustainable materials around because we only use the bark from the tree; this means the tree keeps on living. 

2. Wall Colour 

An earthly colour that compliments the cork wallpaper: Farrow & Ball paints are water-based and classified as minimal or low VOC (volatile organic compounds). VOCs release pollution into the atmosphere, and create bad indoor air quality, always use paint that has low VOC content. 

3. Statement Chair  

Every living room needs its statement piece, and this chair is it! Made from rattan which is a fast-growing sustainable material; furthermore, manufacturing of this wood requires little production methods that pollute the environment. 

4. Planter & Stands 

Pair of modern planters that add sophistication to your living room. 

5Iron Plant Decoration 

This stunning decorative iron plant, standing at 125 cm high. Okay, as if we didn’t have enough statement pieces! Add two of these either sides of a fireplace or a sofa for dramatic effect. 

6. Paper Pendants 

These pendants are handmade with rice paper, they have a Japanese feel to them. Group two or three of these pendants together to create an exciting look. 

7. Set of Glasses 

I love these cute glasses! We all need glasses, and these would work well pretty much anywhere. 

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