Green Living Room

Interior Design Inspiration

Living rooms are the hub of our homes and getting the design right for all the family isn’t always easy. Also, it becomes more challenging when you are looking for sustainable and ethical alternatives. For this reason, we created a collection of holistic interior design schemes that aim to bring inspiration and assist you in designing a healthy home.

Green-living-room-interior design



Please find links below for the furnishing shown in the green living room interior design.

1. Wallpaper 

Creating a green living room encompasses many things from sustainability to ethics also the visual interpretation of how certain materials, images and colours make us feel. This stunning wallpaper by Mind the Gap is oozing nature with immense lush greenery to the tropical birds perched amongst the foliage. Can you imagine unwinding in your living room surrounded by this visual it would make you feel at ease and at one with nature?

2. Side Table

I am always on the lookout for something quirky, and this glam pineapple side table fits the bill.

3. Leather Sofa

This modern take on a traditional button back chesterfield sofa looks “oh so stylish” and complements the bold print wallpaper perfectly. Made from recycled leather and filled with a combination of duck down and fibre.

4. Flooring

This stylish rich ebony wood effect porcelain tile looks like the real thing. It is a green alternative from the get-go. With even more great benefits: porcelain is moisture resistant and can take enormous amounts of wear and tear, so, in theory, means this flooring could last you a lifetime, so, you better make sure you love it!

5. Wall Colour1

A rich earthy green paint Modern Bancha No.298 will add depth to this green interior design. Farrow & Ball paints are water-based and classified as minimal or low VOC (volatile organic compounds). VOCs release pollution into the atmosphere, and create bad indoor air quality, always use paint that has low VOC content.

6. Wall Colour2

A subtle off white paint James White No. 2010 is ideal for use on the ceilings as brilliant white can look quite stark in contrast. Farrow & Ball paints are water-based and classified as minimal or low VOC (volatile organic compounds). VOCs release pollution into the atmosphere, and create bad indoor air quality, always use paint that has low VOC content.

Colour Therapy: Green 

We associate the colour green with nature, it is the colour of renewal and rebirth. Thus, it helps us to feel calm and relaxed making a great colour choice for a living room.

Green, is a combination of blue and yellow, so it carries the positive aspects of both colours. Yellows, optimistic sunny approach. And the peaceful, tranquil energy of blue.

  • Nurturing
  • Balancing
  • Renewal
  • Calming
  • Relaxing

7. Helve Hide Rug 

This gorgeous Helve hide rug is ethically sourced, supplied by the Sami people, a nomadic tribe travelling across the fells of Sweden, Norway and Finland following the rhythm of the seasons.

8. Bamboo Light Shade

A beautiful bamboo light fitting with a slatted design will create numerous light patterns in the room. These lights would work well in groups as this fitting comes in various sizes. Also, bamboo is a sustainable crop as it is fast-growing and regenerates from its own roots.

9. Bird Foot Candle Holder 

Add some more quirky to the design with a group of these popular bird foot candle holders.

10. Handwoven Dark Rattan Sunburst Mirror

This sunburst rattan mirror fits in perfectly with the green living room interior. Rattan a fast-growing sustainable material; furthermore manufacturing of this wood requires little production methods that pollute the environment.

11. Gold Decorative Planter with Stand

This luxurious gold planter with stand works well with the gold side table and candle holders creating a unity of gold materials.

12. Statement Accent Chair 

I have to say I do love an accent chair! Not only does a punch of colour in the room look stylish, but it is also great to have a little space to sit and read a book or just relax and take in your surroundings.

13. Snake Plant

Indoor plants clean the air help reduce the effects of exposure to indoor pollution. Plants absorb Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Such as formaldehyde found in many household products such as paint and cleaning materials. Also, plants remove toxins and neutralise dust, mould spores and allergens they help to keep the air fresh and make the environment feel uplifted. The snake plant produces oxygen and removes carbon monoxide at night, and this plant scores high on bug resistance and ease to grow, making this a great starter plant.

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