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In Feng Shui, it is said that our homes are an outward reflection of how we feel on the inside; therefore, a cluttered and disorganised home would suggest that internally we are feeling this way too.

Additionally, we may feel stuck in one or more areas of life such as career or relationships, by paying more attention to our homes and our surroundings we can remove stuck energy. Once we have removed the stuck energy by decluttering and organizing, we then make room for better things to enter our lives.

You are worthy of living in a beautiful home

When we bring order to the chaos within our homes, we watch our lives transform as we are subconsciously telling ourselves that we ARE worthy of living in a beautiful home and surroundings and that we are loved and supported by ourselves.

We do not need outside influences to tell us that we are worthy we need to say to ourselves that were are worthy and believe this to be true. Be your best friend and treat yourself the best way you can in, mind, body, spirit and home.

Home is where the heart is

– Love your home, and your home will love you back

Clutter builds up over time and comes from many different sources such as family heirlooms, clothing and children’s keepsakes. We are usually unaware that there is a problem until we realise that we are running out of space in our wardrobes, cupboards, lofts and sheds.

It is at this point that we decide we need to declutter our homes. For some people, this is an overwhelming task that they cannot do on their own. And for others, it can just be a time factor, with busy lives juggling work and family commitments it may feel impossible to get the task done.

RULE 101:

If you don’t LOVE IT, you don’t NEED IT!


Help is here!


As professional home organizers, we can help you to clear out the clutter and organize your home with as little stress as possible. So whether it is time that is holding you back or you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we are here to help you declutter and get your home organized and in tip-top shape.

RULE 101:
If it hasn’t been used within a year, you don’t need it!

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