Industrial Living Room

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So it’s no surprise by now that you know I love all things quirky! It is official I have found my favourite store, Smithers of Stamford. They have so much furniture that you can have fun with and what’s more a lot of their furniture is reclaimed or made from recycled materials. I have had lots of fun putting this industrial living room inspiration together.

industrial living room interior design

Industrial Living Room

Shopping List

Please find links below for the furnishing shown in the industrial living room design. 

1. Industrial Spider Chandelier

Spider haters look away! This fabulous chandelier looks like a spider with its carefully positioned legs; with an industrial feel adding Edison filament bulbs will really add to the character of this light. Made in the UK using steel.

2Industrial Orbital Shelf 

Shelving can sometimes be pretty dull, and this orbital shelf unit is far from it. Showcase your very best goodies in style. It is made from sustainable fir wood and steel. 

3. Seletti Wears Toilet Paper Rug

Okay so there is a naughty word on display, but I for one love this statement rug by Seletti. This rug is made using fibres derived from recycled PET bottles. 

4. Recycled Paint Pot Mirror 

Yes, you heard right, this mirror is made from recycled paint pots! This mirror is cool, quirky and is saving our landfill from more toxic waste. 

5. Smith & Western Revolver Accent Chair 

Bang! This smith & western revolver accent chair is so edgy. It has a lovely retro shape finished in red velvet and made from mango wood. 

6. Industrial Sideboard

What industrial living room wouldn’t be complete without a quirky sideboard made from mango wood (a sustainable resource) and finished with a hand-painted Meneir Chocolate factory logo.

7. Clock Table 

A table with two functions is great, somewhere to put your drink and always know the time. (no more searching for the phone). Made from Firwood and steel with a protective glass top. 

8. Brick Wallpaper 

No industrial living room is complete without a brick wall! Failing that you can adorn your walls with this imitation brick wallpaper

9. Neon Mouth Lamp

This wall light made by Seletti & Studio Job is so much fun! You could hang it on a bare white wall or a brick wall for a more urban feel.  

10. Street Lamp 

My favourite part of this industrial living room is this silly bendy street lamp by Seletti & Studio Job! It may cost a small fortune, but if you have the money and the sense of humour this is for you! 

11. Guy the Gorilla 

Welcome the one and only “Guy the Gorilla” a late great icon of London Zoo. This cute gorilla ornament wearing a red bowler hat fits perfectly in with the rest of this fun interior. 

12. Leather Sofa 

This dark brown aged leather sofa ties in nicely with the overall industrial living room design. 

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