November is the month to remember for all vegans around the globe as they are celebrating World Vegan Month. Numerous countries raise awareness about changes we can make to protect our precious animals from unnecessary harm and cruelty. The Vegan Society was founded in 1944. To celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 1994, world Vegan day was launched and is held on the first of November each year.

Veganism is more than just about the food we consume; it is a philosophy and a way of living. PETA states that “vegan living is the fastest-growing lifestyle movement in the UK: there are four times more vegans now than there were four years ago”. Vegan living not only helps the planet but also improves health and eliminates cruelty to animals.

Veganism: not just about food


Bring the vegan philosophy into your home by purchasing furnishings that are vegan friendly. Vegan homewares are not only accessible, but they are also affordable. High street stores such as Primark offer organic bedding and cruelty-free beauty products. And H&M was among the winners of PETA’s 2021 vegan homewares awards for their 100% recycled cotton wool-free rug.

To find vegan products such as clothing, food, drink, beauty products and vegan homewares, visit the Vegan Society. Also, look out for the Vegan Trademark; this identifies that the product is free from animal ingredients.

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