Benefits of VOCFree Paint

Using VOC free paint in your home comes with a multitude of benefits. For instance, earthborn, Lakeland, Airlite, and Little Knights manufacture paints that absorb moisture and help stabilise your home’s humidity levels. As a result, those who suffer from allergies and asthma greatly benefit from using VOC free paint.

VOC free paint is non-toxic and can be used to decorate nurseries, children’s bedrooms, as well as to paint furniture and is safe for children and pets. Earthborn and Lakeland paints are also not tested on animals and are vegan friendly, with the exception of three ranges in the earthborn collection.


A brief introduction to volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are organic chemicals that vaporise at room temperature. Many household goods such as paint, cleaning products, carpets, and furniture emit VOCs as gases.

Among the most common VOCs in homes are formaldehyde, acetone, ammonia, methyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, toluene, xylene, and benzene.

The amount of VOCs emitted into the air will depend on temperature, humidity, seasonal weather, and ventilation. Therefore, toxic emissions will increase with higher temperatures and decrease with lower temperatures, and without adequate ventilation, the toxins will build up inside the home, posing a health risk.

Exposure to VOCs and health effects

Various health effects can result from exposure to VOCs, such as a runny nose, burning sensations in the eyes, sore throat and headaches; long-term exposure can damage the liver, kidneys and central nervous system, and trigger allergies and asthma. Furthermore, some VOCs cause cancer in animals and others are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans.

Because VOCs can cause symptoms that are similar to a cold or viral infection, it is often difficult for people to tell the difference between an illness and an immediate consequence of exposure.

It is likely that you are experiencing a reaction to volatile organic compounds if your symptoms lessen or disappear when you leave the home.

Top 6 VOC Free Paints

VOC Free Paint Little-Knights

Little Knights VOC Free Paint

The Little Knights VOC free paint contains antibacterial properties, preventing mould and mildew growth, and is allergy-free, making it an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies. In addition, their VOC free paint is free of carcinogens and harmful chemicals.

VOC Rating: 100% VOC-free 

Certification: Antibacterial additive approved by Health & Safety Executive, Biocidal Products Regulations, Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration.


  • Non-allergic.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Anti-mould.
  • Absorbs formaldehyde from the air.
Low VOC Paint - Airlite-1

Airlite Low VOC Paint 

Airlite is a unique paint that neutralises pollutants and chemical vapours in the air, and it has the same air-purifying effect as 100 square metres of trees by reducing indoor and outdoor air pollution by 88%. Furthermore, Airlite prevents the growth of bacteria and mould, which is especially beneficial for people with respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Alite manufacturers state that “Airlite’s ecological paint naturally generates negative ions on the surface where it is applied, creating a habitat where no polluting or toxic substances for human health develop”.

VOC Rating: 0.1 gram per litre of paint.

Certification: French VOC Regulation, Zero VOC, Cradle to Cradle (Gold), Friendly Materials and Green Seal.


  • Eliminates exhaust gas, harmful chemicals, bad smells and formaldehyde.
  • Eliminate viruses and bacteria and prevents moulds.
  • Makes the wall breathe.
  • Regulates humidity and heat.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Purifies the air.
Virtually VOC Free Paint - Earthborn

Earthborn Virtually VOC Free Paint

Earthborn paints have almost no VOCs – Earthborn states, “The VOC content of Earthborn paints are very low, so we label them virtually VOC free”. In addition to being cruelty-free, Earthborn paints are mostly vegan friendly, except for three ranges.

Allergy and asthma sufferers benefit from Earthborn paints because the ingredients are selected to avoid known allergens, and the paints’ moisture-absorbing properties stabilise the humidity in the room. Also, clay paint emits negative ions, which are known to promote wellbeing.

VOC Rating: Virtually VOC Free – Trace levels. 

Certification: as being safe to use on children’s furniture and toys too, carrying the Safety of Toys Standard (EN71-3).


  • No known allergens – allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Moisture absorbing qualities evens out humidity.
  • Helps to destroy airborne odours and contaminants.
  • Emits negative ions which benefit wellbeing.
  • Products not tested on animals.
VOC Free Paint - Lakeland

Lakeland Zero VOC Paint

Lakeland paints are VOC free, solvent-free and non-toxic and are made in the UK. Also, Lakeland paints are odourless, breathable, and microporous, which help to maintain a healthy humidity level and eliminate mould and mildew.

VOC Rating: Zero VOC 

Certification: GREENGUARD Gold Certification


  • Non-toxic.
  • Vegan & Natural.
  • Microporous, odourless breathable eco paints that keep the air in your home clean.
VOC Free Paint - Valspar

Valspar Zero VOC Paint

The company has long been one of the top performers when it comes to low-VOC paint offerings. More recently, they have released four paints that are VOC free and have each achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification. One of the VOC-free paints available is Valspar Reserve, a high performance and hardwearing paint that uses a single coat of primer and paint that is both scrub and stain-resistant.

Valspar ranges included: Reserve, Signature, Ultra 2000 and Ultra 4000.

VOC Rating: Zero VOC 

Certification: GREENGUARD Gold Certification


Valspar Reserve

  • High performing paint.
  • All in one paint & primer.
  • Stain and scrub resistance.

Valspar Signature 

  • All in one paint & primer.
  • Fade-resistant.
  • Protects against scuffs & stains.
VOC Free Paint - Dulux

Dulux Trade Airsure Low VOC Paint

VOC Rating:  99.9% VOC Free

Certification: Complies with the BREEAM NC 2018, LEED v4.1 & WELL v2.0


  • Dulux Airesure Diamond Matt – Contains scrub, scuff and stain-resistant technology.